Cookies Usage Statement

What they are?

Cookies are small files that are held on your computer (or mobile device) by the websites you visit. They are widely used to conveniently store certain information and allow a website to tailor the user experience specifically to your preferences. It's important to note that cookies will not collect personal data stored on your device. For more information about cookies, please visit

What do we use them for?

Cookies on this site are only used to collect information for technical usage of the site and will not collect any personally identifiable information about you. They solely gather information regarding the browser and operating system you use in order check how many visits this website obtains. This site uses cookies from Google Analytics in order to obtain the above information. Please note that we do not have access or control over the cookies from third-parties and we recommend visiting their website directly to check how they are managed.

How can they be removed?

If you wish to remove or disable cookies and their uses, you can do this at any time through your web browser options. Just follow the general help sections from your browsers to complete this. This may also affect your ability to use this site, or other sites and some pages may not display correctly.

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